In the following are links to other pages, which contain further information about "destilling schnapps by yourself".

whiskynetklein.jpg The Whisky-Portal has all the information about whiskies: facts, brands, distilleries, info about the regions and commercial links.
kiwi.gif This Distiller-Homepage is great for persons who want to construct their own still: detailled construction plans, calculations and a lot of pictures of stills.
banner.gif The Absinth-Page offers information about the history and the impact of absinth (similar to our Ulrichsbergbitter) as well as an instruction for distilling alcohol.
alex.gif The Alkohol-Lexikon is a scientific page about alcohol: physical properties, chemical reactions, analytics. There is also a chapter about the production of alcohol. Further there is a chapter about alcoholism...
wokstill.jpg - 30 K As the accompanying picture shows, it does not have to be always a professional system with double coat boiler, automatic before/wake separation and all accessoires.
With some innovation, good ideas and consideration of the physical-chemical boundary conditions you can build stills even from simple kitchen devices.
In this case a large email pot serves as boiler and a Wok as condenser. The collecting basin for the distillate is IN the pot.
To get to the Hompage of New Zealand - it contains the building guidance of this system and interesting tips and prescriptions - click here or in the picture.
Cheerio Vik - happy brewing! Thank's for your URL.

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